We Look Up Recent Rentals, Properties Currently On The Market And Expired Listings To Help You Determine A Strong List Price. Get Your FREE Home Evaluation


We Professionally Photograph your property and produce Multi Media MARKETING TOOLS: A listing webpage, virtual tour, full screen slideshow, flyer, maps with directions and banner ads for online real estate search engines.




We Send Your MARKETING TOOLS to the MLS,,,,,, and 100s of International affiliates. You Receive Statistical Reports On Our Marketing Efforts.


We make phone calls everyday reaching out to potential renters and REALTORS that may have interest in your property. We handle all communications about your property including but not limited to phone calls, text, email and faxes. We respond instantly to requests from renters and REALTORS with state of the art technology to ensure you never mis a potential deal.




We pre qualify any potential renters so you know exactly who you are dealing with and they know if they are qualified to rent your property. We obtain credit reports, background checks, eviction checks,- proof of funds, employment and rental history.


Our highly trained Broker James M. Arena will handle all aspects of the negiotiation process for you on your behalf. You remain in full control but have full representation from a licensed REALTOR at all times.

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The Law Offices Of Trident Title Will Prepare All Legally Required Documents, Contracts, And Paperwork. They will Hold Escrow Deposits And Send All Parties Involved In The Transaction Instructions And Requirments To Close.


After The Sale Is Complete We Stay In Contact With All Parties Involved To Ensure Good Customer Service. We Love Our Job & Will Continue To Service Our Customers Every Real Estate Related Need.

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