Features Overview

When you join The 400 Club by Arena And Company we pay for new student members to go to Real Estate School and provide an instructor you can access via telephone or email. Student members will be required to pay the annual membership fee to join, however you have stellar training and support to not only pass your Real Estate Exam, but we also teach you how to start making money in the industry prior to you even getting your license.

Step 1

After becoming a member you will be given access to our online Real Estate University. You will have one year to complete the course but you can finish as fast as you can and our instructors will assist you. 

Step 2

You will be provided with a company website, online forms and industry basic training. After you obtain your Real Estate license we will begin teaching you how to make money in the Real Estate industry.

Step 3

The final step is our leader lead program, which we will plug you in to. Our support team which has been designed to help you grow your business can design any kind of adverising campaign to help you continue to grow.