Once a tenant is in place, unit vacancy costs can be substantially lower if they renew their lease. That’s far more likely to happen if the tenant is happy with the property and the service they received while living there. Arena & Company strives to make tenant satisfaction a high priority, and we know it’s working when they bring us other tenants as referrals. However, our obligation to our homeowners is just as high of a priority. Our procedures for collection of rent, enforcing the terms, and accounting for all income and expenses are detailed and result in efficiency and lower risks for homeowners.



Tenant Management

We Prepare A Florida Approved Residential Lease And All Of The Supporting Documents or Addendums.

We Obtain Signatures And Escrow All Funds Required To Move In.

We Conduct Final Walk Through And Exchange Keys For Cash.

We Keep Open Communications With Tenants And Comply With The Terms Of The Lease.

We Rectify Problems And Protect Our Landlords Cash Flow.

We Submit Receipts & Invoices For All Matters


Rent Procedures

Rent must be paid no later than 3 days after it is due.

After three days a late fee of $100 is assessed and $10 per day processing fee each day after it is late.

A three day notice is delivered on the fourth day of none payment

The eviction process is initiated three days after formal notification.

Dispossession of tenant will be successfully completed thirty five days after process begins.