Being Prepared Will Ensure We Beat The Competition!

The items listed below is what Arena And Company will need to prepare a Complete Package and properly represent you. Your credit and background check can be supplied by you or Arena And Company can run both reports or just one for a small processing fee. Your Credit and background check as well as the rest of the Items Needed will be required at 99% of the properties that you would like to reserve, having it prepared in advance helps expedite offers and it helps with negotiations the sooner this items are in our hands.

Click the green Rental Application link below to get started. After you complete and submit the rental application it will prompt you to pay for your credit and background check. It is highly recommended that you use our website to order your reports as we can control the look of the report so that your represented professionally to potential landlords.

Items Needed To Reserve A Property:

1. Rental Application (For Everyone Over The Age Of 18)
2. Credit Report (Must Have Score)
3. National Background Check
4. Proof Of Employment (Pay Stubs Or Letter From Employer)
5. Reservation Deposit (Equal To One Months Rent)
6. Copy Of Drivers License

Optional Items That May Be Needed:

1. Bank Statements
2. Character References
3. Letter Of Recommendation From previous Landlord
4. Co-signor (If credit or income is insufficient)
5. Additional Deposits (Depending on Credit or background)