Florida Real Estate Broker's Guide


Florida Real Estate Broker's Guide


After you purchase the course online you can begin immediately.

This course is designed to meet the 72–hour education requirement for broker candidates and includes all necessary topics for the broker exam, complete with end–of–unit questions and a practice final exam.

Updated to reflect changes to Chapter 475 F.S., this course includes practice questions designed to prepare students for the new proficiency state exam requirements; And to reinforce key concepts, there is a new Summary of Important Points at the end of each unit.

The Online 72-Hour Real Estate Broker Course Includes:

  • State approved course and final exam
  • Technical support 
  • Completion slip issued after your course is completed
  • Registration support for state exam and fingerprinting
  • Personalized digital diploma 

Customer Support - (561)572-8888 or BrokerJames@ArenaAndCompany.com

Course Duration

  • The course is active for one year from the date of purchase. It may be possible to have the course extended beyond the one year maximum if requested.

Course Approval

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