Reservation Of Property

Once you find a property you like and get approved you will need to deposit the 1st months rent in escrow with Arena And Company to reserve the property and sign a Florida Approved Lease. You should set up utilities at this time to be turned on the day you take possession.

List Of Utility Companies


If the rental property you are renting is in a community with a governing body you will need to complete their forms and meet their requirements prior to moving in to the property. This can be a time consuming process but it must be completed no matter what. Arena And Company will assist in any way we can but ultimately it is your responsibility to complete the requirements.

Move In Walk Thru

Before taking possession of any property you will have the opportunity to walk thru, take pictures and make sure everything is in satisfactory condition. Anything that you notice that is not satisfactory will be noted and repaired unless negotiated otherwise.

Cash For Keys

Prior To Taking possession of any property you will need to pay all of the required funds by money order, cashiers check or cash. Arena And Company can collect all of the move in money if you would like, in advance and hold it in escrow to make your life easier.

60 Day Notice or Renewal

60 days prior to the end of your lease your landlord should give you notice to vacate or renew your lease. You should contact Arena And Company at this time to discuss your options. The market conditions change on a monthly basis and we may be able to drastically assist you with this process. If you decide to leave you will most likely be required to show the property and if you decide to stay we can assist with the paperwork and make sure your best interests are protected.

Move Out Walk Thru

The day you are moving out you should photograph the property and document its condition. The landlord has 15 days to access the property and look for damages. If they file claim on your deposit it must be done within those 15 days or they have to return the entire deposit no matter what. If the landlord does not file claim on your deposit you will get your security deposit in the mail at your new address that Arena And Company locates for you. We ensure you find a home and you get your deposit back.