How does Donald Trump's Presidency affect Real Estate in Palm Beach County?

President Trumps policy on immigration and trade have the liberal media commenting that the Real Estate market could take a devastating blow. As a local Real Estate Broker, I feel the local Real Estate market will continue to grow due to the baby boomer generations retiring from all over the Country who continue to move to this area.  

Donald Trump owns one of the most prestigious Real Estate portfolios in the United States, including oceanfront property in Palm Beach County at Mar-a-lago. As a Real Estate developer I feel Donald Trump understands that Real estate drives other businesses and is a foundation for a healthy economy. In my opinion under Donald Trumps administration the value of Real Estate will continue to go up.

Not everybody feels the same way, saying fewer foreign buyers will weaken demand. Most, however, agree that the we will continue to grow barring any catastrophes. Either way, the market right now is healthy and growing. Investing in Palm Beach County is always a safe bet when working with the right Real Estate Professional. At Arena And Company we insure good returns on investments no matter who the President is!

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