The 400 Club By Arena And Company

We have two types of Membership

1.) REALTOR Members = free

Realtor Members have a Real Estate license and are members of the board of Realtors

2.) Non-Realtor Members = $400 Annually

Non-Realtor Members have a Real Estate license or are in the process of getting their Real Estate license and are not members of the board of Realtors. 


Broker James Arena understands how difficult and rewarding the Real Estate industry can be and with that in mind, Mr. Arena has designed a revolutionary program called The 400 Club by Arena And Company!

We encourage you to join immediatley so you can start saving yourself thousands of dollars and growing your business, however we offer a FREE NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION to individuals and groups looking to get more information. 


All 400 Club by Arena & Company Realtors, 
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Top 10 Reasons To Join

The 400 Club By Arena And Company


1.) You Keep 100% of Your Commission

Our program will save you thousands of dollars! No matter how many deals you do, you always keep 100% of your commission. 


2.) You Pay $400 Per Month Maximum Only If You Earn Money/ Commissions.

If You Do Not Make Any Money, You Do Not Pay Any Money Out and you will never pay more than your $400.00 membership fee no matter how much you make. The $400.00 Does Not Roll Over To The Next Month. 


3.) We Streamline Your Business

Book your appointments online, have your customers complete their applications online, obtain credit reports, background reports, eviction reports and more right from your personal company website.


4.) We Produce you A Professional Presentation

All of our agents receive a custom Business Card  and printable Designs and a Personal Website which gives them a very professional presentation upon joining Arena And Company. We utilize proven systems, online forms and technologies to ensure our agents stand out among the competition.


5.) You Gain Instant Access to our Recruiter Program

Recruit Agents To Our Company & Earn $100 Every Month Per Agent You Recruit, Every month they Pay Their $400 membership fee. You can begin recruiting agents immediately. A NON-Realtor Member must pay the $400 annual membership fee to join and you will earn $100 instantly plus $100 every month they pay their $400 monthly membership fee.


6.) Leads, Leads, Leads

We distribute leads to our agents but more importantly, we teach our agents how to generate their own leads so they can become self sufficient. Our system is extremely successful, free and easy to use.


7.) In House Escrow For Rentals & Same Day Pay Direct Deposits.

We hold escrow for our agents rental transactions and pay our agents the same day the money is cleared by way of direct deposit into the agents bank account. Sales escrow is held with the title company closing the transaction.


8.) You Receive Free Single Property Webpages For your Listings.

A single property website custom designed for all of your listings Free! Just snap the photographs or video, send them to us and we do the rest.


9.) Free Lead Generation Landing Pages

Do you have a neighborhood you want to farm or a building you want to target market. Just buy the domain name, snap some photos and we do the rest. We help you implement your ideas and start generating more leads online.


10.) You Will Receive Stellar Training, Coaching & Support To Ensure Your Success.

We teach you practical industry related negotiation techniques, marketing strategies and home based business operations. We also offer state approved online continuing education and licensing qualification courses so you can stay up to date with the state.

Still Not Ready to Join?

There are a lot more than 10 reasons to join us today and if you have any doubts Book Your FREE NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION. We will do our best to earn your business.