Arena And Company Policies

Advertising Policies

If you are going to run any advertisement related to Real Estate you must have the name and contact information for the brokerage as well as the words licensed broker on the advertisement.  If you do not use a company designed marketing tool and have your own designs produced you must get authorization in writing from the broker to use such items. You also understand and agree to take full legal and state required responsibilities for all of your advertising efforts related to Real Estate and purchase any required insurance needed to cover said efforts.

Policies for Ordering Credit And Background

A Rental Application is required to order a credit and background check. The Rental Application can be found on your personal company website as well as our Arena and Company website. Simply direct your customer to fill out the Rental Application and order a Credit and Background check if they can not obtain one on their own.

It is $60 for an individual and $100 for a Couple. It is important you email us the Rental Application when it comes into your inbox as we can not run the reports without this information. You will be paid $10 for every person that you run a credit and background check as soon as their payment clears. You must complete a payment request form in order to initiate the payment and We do not offer refunds for any reason however you can personally offer a refund and deduct it from your commission if you choose to. 

Policies for deposits

We do not hold escrow for sales. You will need to choose a Title Company to hold any escrow deposits for sales transactions. We recommend Trident Title LLC and you can find their information on our website under service providers tab on the agent dashboard.

We do hold deposits for Rental transactions for our agents and we highly encourage you deposit clear funds like cash, cashiers checks or money orders. We hold deposits made by personal check up to 11 days and if your customer requests you to return their deposit we will mail it to them upon request.

You will be supplied an account number to Wells Fargo and can drop deposits at your convenience. A Deposit Verification Form needs to be filled out asap, on the day the deposit is made preferably. You can find the Deposit Verification Form on the agent dashboard. This helps us easily track your deposits and improves communications.

policies for requesting Disbursements

A 48 hour notification must be given for Disbursement Orders if a check will need to be cut to a co-op Brokerage and the money must be cleared in the bank prior to being disbursed. We will try to meet your needs if an emergency comes up however, we can only do what we can do and if the money is not cleared a check can not be cut under any circumstances.

Policies on Getting Paid

In order to be paid a commission on a Real Estate transaction you must complete a , a payment request form needs to be completed and you must turn in the minimum required documentation, which is:

Rentals- Lease

Sales- Sales and Purchase Contract and HUD/ Closing Statement

Credit & Background Checks - Rental Application and Order form (Digital or print)

400 Club Recruits - The 400 Club New Member Package

Policies for the 400 club By Arena And Company

400 Club members pay a flat fee of $400 a month if they do a deal. We operate on a 50/50 Split until your $400 is paid for the month. If you do not make money one month, you pay nothing and the $400 does not roll over to the next month!

400 Club Members are also able to recruit new Agents to The 400 Club by Arena And Company and receive $100 a month when the Agent they recruit pays their $400 membership fee. All it takes is 4 agents to work with us for free!

Every 400 Club member will receive a company webpage, rental application and set appointment page that corresponds with your personal email to help with the operations of each members business. 

Every 400 Club Member will have access to sell all products and services offered by Arena And Company through our recruiter program, reporting services, transaction fees, real estate university and product line. Income earned from selling other services and products offered by Arena And Company has nothing to do with your $400 membership fee. That fee is only deducted from the commission earned when you close Real Estate Transaction.